Kids and retailing Colloquium

Paris, 13th – 14th June 2013


Children aged between 6 and 12 years of age, known as Kids are frequently in contact with the point of sales, within the family buying context or as self-sufficient buyers. They are also the first generation born with the Internet, which places them in a different position compared to the previous generation of children. Contemporary marketing issues in Kids and Retailing are based on a range of new skills and access to emerging technologies in a dynamic environment which provide a rich source of theoretical academic research and practitioner investigation.

The retail activity is fundamentally concerned with understanding the characteristics and requirement of these young children.  The specific context of this colloquium is to present current thinking of retailing for children as tomorrow’s adults.

Paris, in the centre of European Retailing, is an ideal setting to present and discuss current and relevant research in this topical subject at the initiative of ESSCA’s Centre of Expertise and Research in Retailing and NovaChild Innovation Network for Children.  

A Special Issue of the International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management from the best papers presented at the  Colloquium will be produced (see the menu for more information).




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